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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Buy directly from the farm and find out the fantastic difference of "farm fresh" fruits and vegetables. You'll love the great taste, and can be assured of more healthy nutrients for your family's good health.

Pick-your-own red strawberries in the fields or you can always let us do the picking and buy it at our stand.

Depending on the weather, other fresh vegetable favorites-like sweet corn and tomatoes- will be available around mid-June or early July. Don't forget to select your favorite fresh herbs from our herb garden-you'll love the difference farm-fresh makes! We also have beautiful fields of Sunflowers in the fall!

Here is an estimate of when our crops will begin to ripen:

Asparagus April
Blackberries Mid-June
Blueberries Late May
Cucumbers Early June
Eggplant Late June or July
Gourds September
Herbs Late June or July
Squash Late June or July
Strawberries Mid-April
Sweet Corn Late June or July
Sweet Potatoes October
Tomatoes Late June or July
Zipper Cream Peas Late June or July
Other Greens All Winter
Lettuce All Winter
Melons Late June or July
Okra Late June
Peppers Late June or July
Pumpkins September
Purplehull Peas Late June or July
Spinach All Winter